What does a Rustc Reading Club do?

Steps in the first session

  1. Spend 10 minutes reading the code in the crate and note things we find interesting.
  2. Share with the group how we approached reading the code and what we observed as interesting.
  3. Focus on a single function and go deeper into the code.
  4. Repeat the group discussion and questions that arose from reading the code.

What we found

  1. So many interesting views of the code were generated from the first 2 steps that we didn’t need or have time for the zooming back out final step.
  2. Different developers have different approaches to understanding the same code. Some focused on “the entry point” of functions and others focused on determining what was being returned. Some started by reading the comments or consulting the documentation.
  3. One valuable observation was that we should include a link at the top of rustc modules to the documentation that describes them.
  4. Trying to read a whole crate is too much for a single session and going forward we will work at the function level.

“If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist.” — Philippe Krutchen